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P. D. Wright is a programmer by day and a writer by night.  She has been writing since the age of 12, but has only become serious about her efforts in the last couple years.  Her current projects include a fantasy novel series with a temporary title of Alex and a couple short stories within the same world.  However, she has millions of ideas trying to make their way onto paper at any given moment.  To help maintain her focus, Wright is a member of the Fresno ScienceFiction and Fantasy Writers (FSFW) community.  FSFW has provided Wright with intelligent, helpful, and friendly peer reviews.

In her free time, Wright generally writes, reads, or spends copious hours on the phone with her long-time, long-distance boyfriend.  She generally reads Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Young Adult novels.  Despite that, some amount of her time every week is spent reading books on writing.

Wright lives in California’s Central Valley, and travels often.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Andrea says:

    wow, these are both great posts and your writing is so engaging even while you are blogging.
    I do like Terry Pratchett, but I am not sure if I’ve read Guards! Guards! now I’ll have to see if I can find a copy here.
    Looking forward to new posts!!!

  2. Charles Oliver says:

    Long distance boyfriend, eh? Does David know?…hahahaha time to update :)

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